Monday, January 22, 2018
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  1. IRS For Vintage Mustangs

    Category: Products/DVS Engineered Products

        For information on installation in 1965-66 Mustangs Click Here. For information on lowered IRS units Click Here.   IRS FAQ - Click here   Installs the 1999-up Mustang Cobra independent ...
    Thursday, 27 August 2009
  2. Lowered Expectations

    Category: Uncategorised Content

    ...  Lowered IRS Units Dave Stribling Restorations now has a program for those IRS users who want to have a lower stance for their vintage ride. The IRS in base form sits level, but the lowered kit allows ...
    Monday, 14 September 2009
  3. IRS Facts, Fiction, and Useless (and Useful) Trivia

    Category: Uncategorised Content

    Q. - So what's the difference in the 99, 2000 R, 2001-2 and 2003-2004 Units? A. - Here's what we know so far: 1999 - small 28 spline axles, 3.27 gear, posi center, soft rubber in subframe mounts. ...
    Monday, 14 September 2009
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