Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Canton Front Sump Oil Pans Are Here!

DVS Restorations now carries the Canton front sump oil pan for 4.6 modular motors.  The pan is fully baffled and comes with a provision for a dipstick tube.  Mounted here on an 03 Cobra motor, the pan clears the stock windage tray.

    The good people at Canton Racing have once again brought us another one of their forward thinking products, and we are proud to make it available to you.  Canton's new front sump oil pan is just the ticket for most conversions that will retain the original rear steer suspension.  The Canton engine swap pan is a fully fabricated steel T-sump track proven design that includes 5 trap doors, bolt in slosh baffle, provision for a temperature sensor, magnetic drain plug and a provision for a dipstick tube.  Canton is also offering pickup tubes for both 2V and 4V applications. 

The Canton pan comes with a bolt in baffles and 5 trap doors                                                                                           The pan comes with available 2V and 4V front sump pickup tubes


Note: To use the Canton front sump pan in a typical 67-70 Mustang Application,  you will need to cut the shock towers of your car back to fit the late model motor.  See how to do this here:

Shock Tower Cutback article


Oil Filter Relocation Kits

DVS is also upgrading our remote oil relocation kits to the Canton kits as well.  The Canton kit features braided steel lines, proper AN fittings and machined rather than cast adapters.

We are a full line Canton dealer, which means we can provide the proper Canton products to fit your 4.6 conversion project.  Please contact us with any Canton inquiries.




As a special introduction of the Canton line, we are proud to offer the following special kits to help you with your conversion project.


Front Sump Engine Kit

67-70 Mustang and Cougar

MFS-1  4V applications

MFS-2 2V applications

Everything you need to bolt a 4.6 motor into an early Mustang!

Kit includes the following parts:  Canton front sump oil pan, universal dipstick tube, pickup tube, oil pan gasket, oil filter relocation kit, 67-70 motor mounts, UTC universal transmission crossmember, transmission bushing.


Notes: Requires modification to the shock towers to fit the 67-70 chassis.  Engine requires 4.6 Mustang style motor mount bushings. Will not fit stock 65-66 style Mustang suspension.

Intro Kit Price $899

Oil pan Kits


FSP-1    4V applications

FSP-2    2V applications


kit includes the Canton front sump oil pan, universal dipstick and correct front sump pickup tube


Intro Kit Price $399






Prices good through 4/30/06

Parts available individually.  Please contact DVS For pricing and availability.


It's been a busy year!



    The Mustang in Black project made the cover of both the February 06 issue of Mustang Monthly and the March 06 issue of Mustang and Fords magazinesWe'd like to thank both Don Farr and Mark Houlahan of Primedia for their unbelievable coverage in the magazines. 

    We also had the tremendous opportunity to display the car at the 2005 SEMA show.  We were invited to display the vehicle in the ARMO (Automotive Restoration Market Organization) booth, which was an honor.  We were afraid that some people wouldn't "get" the MIB car, being a show of way over the top vehicles.  But we were very pleased with the response we got out west!


Dennis Gage from the TV show My Classic Car  is an ARMO board member and stopped by to check out MIB with DVS' Craig Pattee and George Hall !


So What's Next??

'70 302 Boss undergoing a full restoration at DVS' facility.


Ahh, the shop is in full swing right now.  Although we can't talk about much of what we're doing, we do have some neat stuff coming up very soon including:


Mac Strut Front suspension kits

Rear 8.8 Live axle kits

6 speed mounting brackets

We also have some more articles getting ready to appear in Mustang and Fords magazine, so be watching for us!


Don't forget to send us photos of your 4.6 projects!

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