Monday, January 22, 2018
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UTC Universal Transmission Crossmember



(Patent Pending)

The Dave Stribling Restorations patent pending transmission crossmember fully
adjusts to fit most popular Ford drivetrain combinations.

4.6 4V T-45 installation in a 68 Mustang, mac strut front end
03 GT engine and AOD-E transmission
in a 65 Mustang
67 Mustang with Toploader installation. The transmission bracket is designed to allow extra clearance for exhaust if needed

Dave Stribling Restorations is proud to announce the release of their new Universal Transmission Crossmember. This crossmember kit is designed to install all popular Ford transmissions into vintage Mustang and other Ford chassis with ease. The patented design allows 6 inches of adjustment in all three axis to allow for proper fit at the correct 4 degree angle. The benefits of this bracket kit are:

  • Works with most popular Ford Transmissions - 3 speeds, toploaders, T-5s, T-45s, Tremecs, C4, C6, FMX, AODs, AOD-Es and more
  • Adjusts to allow proper alignment of the drivetrain at the proper 4 degree angle
  • Adjusts to most engine/trans/front suspension combinations (Mustang II conversions, e.g.)
  • Adjusts to allow additional header and exhaust clearance as needed
  • Adjusts to imperfections in the chassis
  • Can be bolted or welded in place
  • With bolt in installation, can be re-used if the transmission is converted to something else in the future!

The Universal Transmission Crossmember also has the following features:

  • computer laser cut components
  • epoxy powder coated to resist chipping
  • chrome molly side bracing
  • grade 5 and B7 strength hardware
  • Special locking fasteners assure that the bracket won't move after final installation
  • Full color instructions

UTC Universal Transmission Crossmember - $189.

Dealer inquiries welcome. For more information, please contact Dave Stribling Restorations at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it